Design and Implementation of A Simple Pot Watering Control System


  • Cheng Pan
  • Geng Hua
  • Xiaozhen Liu



STM32F103, Long-range Control, Intelligent Flower Watering, Java.


People who like to care for plants need to take care of plants in addition to the work pressure, which consumes people's time and energy. To solve this problem, an intelligent pouring system based on STM32 and WiFi module ESP8266 was designed. The system took STM32F103 development board as the main control core, combined with ESP8266, soil moisture sensor, temperature and humidity sensor DHT11, photosensitive resistance and other sensors to carry out data transmission to realize temperature and humidity monitoring of flowers. The system can carry out local control through the terminal, realize manual mode control based on MQTT platform and Java language, and set alarm threshold of each parameter. The results show that the system can be applied to different types of plants, which provides convenience for people to conserve plants.


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Pan, C., Hua, G., & Liu, X. (2023). Design and Implementation of A Simple Pot Watering Control System. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 5(3), 14–20.