Research on Method of Creating Dynamic Weld of ROI Region Based on Faster-RCNN


  • Qiang Song
  • Chenlei Zhao
  • Shenghong Wu
  • Xi Xu



Faster-RCNN, Weld dynamic ROI area, Weld marking.


Aiming at the issues of weld marking noise in welding path planning of the third generation welding robot, that the creation of ROI region is employed as the approach to noise suppression. However, traditional ROI region construction methods can only create ROI regions at a fixed location by presetting parameters in the system.  The welding target position usually produces displacement in the control range of the tolerance due to an important tolerance concept in the welding process, which may result in an ROI region created with traditional methods is not able to coincide with the ROI region required by the system, thereby affecting the quality of the welding. To improve the location accuracy of the created ROI region, a dynamic ROI region creation method based on Faster-RCNN target detection algorithm was proposed. Experimental results show that this method effectively reduce weld marking noise.


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