Research on Improvement of The Design of DP Lamp Based on KANO-QFD


  • Fang Xiong



KANO Model, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Lamp Design.


The number of contemporary college students is not only huge, but also showing a rapid growth trend. Then the research on the desk lamp used in the daily life of College Students' dormitory can effectively provide the basis for the good university life of students. With the development of the economy, the improvement of the quality of life, and the arrangement of the work and rest time of the contemporary college students affect the experience of the college students' user groups on the dormitory lamp. Based on the principles of KANO and QFD, combined with the characteristics of university students' dormitory lamp, In the process of completing the project,we use KANO principle firstly and then combine QFD principle.In the KANO stage, we need to calculate the comprehensive score of the importance of College Students' needs. In the QFD stage, the importance of design requirements is calculated, and the key design requirements are output at last, so as to carry out the lamp design planning, effectively transfer the diverse needs of college students, maximize the user satisfaction of college students, and provide effective method guidance for lamp designers.


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