Research on Competitive Environment and Marketing Strategy of Small and Medium Auto Parts Import and Export Companies

Taking KL Company as an Example


  • Wei Pan



Spare parts industry, KL, Marketing.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the global auto industry, especially in my country, and the country's transition from supporting the self-owned brand vehicle industry to supporting the self-owned brand spare parts industry, my country's auto parts industry has also ushered in a new stage of development. At the same time , the auto parts import and export industry, which is closely related to this industry, has also developed rapidly. Most of the enterprises in this industry are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. How to explore a path that is truly suitable for the development of such enterprises is worth exploring. This paper takes KL company as an example, obtains the information on the development of the industry in which KL company is located through field investigation and network research, and expounds the general situation of the development of the auto parts import and export industry through the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, and summarizes At the end of this paper, it also provides countermeasures and suggestions for the formulation of KL company's future marketing strategy according to the actual situation. This research provides data and suggestions for the formulation of the development strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises in the auto parts industry. Theoretical reference enriches the content of the marketing strategy of the industry.


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