Research on Lateral Path Tracking Control of Driverless Vehicle


  • Lin Chen



Driverless cars, Lateral control, Path tracking.


The unmanned vehicle system has nonlinear, time-varying characteristics and uncertainties. The traditional single control algorithm can not effectively coordinate the autonomous steering control system and can not meet the control requirements under different working conditions. The path tracking control is the core technology of the driverless vehicle, which makes the driverless vehicle travel along the target trajectory through the lateral and longitudinal control of the vehicle. First of all, the research on the joint simulation platform of driverless vehicles under different working conditions is carried out from the aspects of accuracy, real-time, stability and ease of realization of the lateral motion of driverless vehicles; Then, a suitable joint simulation platform for driverless vehicle is built; Finally, the joint simulation platform is used to study the path tracking control of driverless vehicles in order to comprehensively investigate the effect of path tracking control. The results show that the path tracking control system improves the reliable control performance under a wide range of driving conditions.


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