Design of Medium and Long Distance Satellite Signal Transmission Scheme Based on Baseband Resource Pool


  • Haizhen Shen
  • Bing Zhai
  • Changyuan Lan
  • Yang Liu
  • Yaping Lu
  • Zhenzhen Chen
  • Haifeng Li
  • Jie Liu



Baseband resource pool technology, OTN equipment, Medium and long distance transmission, Satellite signal.


In order to solve the problems such as the delay and jitter in the transmission of medium and long distance satellite signals, as well as the transmission capacity, switching capacity, number of ports and optical crossover capability caused by multiple high rate channels, a signal transmission scheme based on baseband resource pool was proposed in this paper. Firstly, through OTN device, intelligent switching function is introduced to increase optical crossover capability to reduce the long distance transmission delay. On this basis, the baseband resource pool technology was used to construct large-scale optical cross network, and then realized the dynamic sharing and allocation of baseband processing resources. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme can provide deterministic low time delay, and the clock synchronization accuracy can reach less than 50PPB.


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Shen, H., Zhai, B., Lan, C., Liu, Y., Lu, Y., Chen, Z., Li, H., & Liu, J. (2023). Design of Medium and Long Distance Satellite Signal Transmission Scheme Based on Baseband Resource Pool. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 5(3), 110–114.