Improvement and Application of Fusion Scheme in Automatic Medical Image Analysis

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  • Minjun Liang
  • Mingyang Wei
  • Yanan Li
  • He Tian
  • Yabei Li



Image Fusion, Medical Image Analysis, Deep Learning, Multimodal image fusion.


The research in this paper provides generalization and new ideas for research topics in computer-assisted medicine. The main improvement efforts in deep learning-based multimodal fusion schemes, which provide alternative directions and robust feature fitting performance for fusion schemes, are building complex structures, migrating knowledge or experience, processing and enhancing data, and targeting features for semantic correction based on contextual features. At the application level, the brain, liver, and lungs are the main targets of scientific research, so this paper surveys related work and analyzes the reasons for performance gains. Taken together, deep learning-based image fusion schemes can assist physicians in understanding information about lesion sites, lesion types, and sizes, providing an important basis for developing personalized treatment plans, which is important for improving diagnosis and specifying precise treatment plans. Therefore, the investigation of medical image fusion schemes is promising and beneficial.


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