Study on the Propagation and Conversion of Evanescent Lamb Waves in Discontinuous Plate Structures


  • Jintao Liu
  • Xin Gu
  • Baiqiang Xu



Non-destructive testing, Finite element, Plate structure, Lamb wave, Evanescent wave.


In conventional Lamb wave based non-destructive testing (NDT), subwavelength imaging cannot be performed for very small damages due to diffraction limits, which may pose safety hazards to engineering structures and large equipment, and even cause major safety accidents, leading to property damage and casualties. However, in evanescent Lamb waves, there is the necessary subwavelength information that can be converted into propagable Lamb waves, which contain subwavelength damage information that can be received to form super-resolution imaging. Therefore, this article investigates the propagation and transformation characteristics of evanescent Lamb waves in a discontinuous plate structure, providing a research approach for further super-resolution imaging, which has certain scientific research and practical application value.


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