Research on Water Influx Issues in Carbonate Reservoir Development


  • Yu Fu
  • Mingzhou Zhang



MX reservoir, Water encroachment, Water management strategies, Numerical simulation.


 The issue of water encroachment in the development of carbonate reservoirs has always been one of the significant factors limiting the effectiveness of reservoir development. The impact of water encroachment on well productivity cannot be ignored, making the study of water encroachment in carbonate reservoirs of great theoretical and practical significance. In this study, we focused on the problem of severe water encroachment in the fringe well group of the MX reservoir, and applied dynamic analysis and numerical simulation techniques to explore practical water management strategies. The research results indicate that in strong water encroachment reservoirs, active drainage from peripheral wells can consume water energy, reduce the pressure differential between gas and water zones, slow down the water encroachment rate, and significantly delay the occurrence of water breakthrough within the reservoir. This study provides technical references for the rational and effective development of strong water encroachment reservoirs.


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