Morphological Inversion Initial Model Position Estimation Method


  • Ziming Cai
  • Zhining Li



Shape inversion, Physical property inversion, Magnetic targets, Magnetic gradient tensor, Prior.


The shape inversion method can clearly invert the three-dimensional attitude of the magnetic target, but the shape inversion needs to obtain the position information of the magnetic target to be measured. In order to better determine the magnetic target position information, a magnetic target morphology inversion method is proposed, which fuses the physical property inversion results. The center position of the magnetic target is calculated by the physical property inversion method; the initial model is set, the module growth selection function is established by using the L2 norm and the distance constraint function, and the optimal growth module in the morphological inversion process is selected; through continuous iterative update, the magnetic The 3D pose of the target. The position error calculated by this method is less than 10% of the actual value, and the inversion coincidence rate is greater than 80%. The results show that this method can effectively improve the accuracy of morphology inversion.


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