An Improved Perturbation Observation Method with Variable


  • Xiaotian Wu
  • Zegang Sun



Oscillation and misjudgment, Disturbance compensation, Simulink simulatin.


Aiming at the problems of oscillation and misjudgment in traditional MPPT technology, the influence of voltage disturbance step size on the tracking of the maximum power point is studied. On this basis, an improved method based on the slope and space division of output characteristic curve is proposed. The voltage disturbance is carried out by using a fixed step length outside the set search interval, so that the photovoltaic cells can quickly work near the maximum power point. Reduce the early search time; When the photovoltaic cell is working near the maximum power point, the voltage disturbance is carried out with small steps to avoid the oscillation caused by repeated pulsation of the operating point around the maximum power point. Meanwhile, the search space is further divided to reduce the search interval. Static and dynamic lighting modes were simulated by Simulink.


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