Pinduoduo's Pricing Strategy and Its Development Trend


  • Mengxue Li
  • Yaqi Huang
  • Yimeng Lan



Group Buying, Pricing Strategy, Game Theory, Brand Development.


With the vigorous development of Internet technology, the competition for e-commerce platforms has become more and more fierce, but Pinduoduo has successfully become a dark horse in the e-commerce platform with its unique e-commerce thinking, and quickly occupied a place in the e-commerce platform. Therefore, the reason why Pinduoduo stands out has also become a hot topic for scholars at home and abroad. This project takes Pinduoduo's pricing strategy and brand development trends as the research direction, and further researches and explores the difference between Pinduoduo group buying and traditional group buying. Starting from the Pinduoduo model, we will analyze the characteristics of the model and build a corresponding model. Based on game theory and optimization theory, we will further explore the algorithms and their influence under the Pinduoduo pricing strategy.


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