IMC plan for “Electronic Moxibustion Instrument” Product


  • Zhifeng Wu



IMC plan, Electronic moxibustion instrument, Crowdfunding product.


 As an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion has the miraculous effect of curing diseases, beautifying and nourishing the skin, and replenishing the vital energy, but it also has the disadvantages of inconvenience, environmental pollution and high temperature burns. With the rapid development of computer technology and sensor technology in recent years, the desire to use modern technology to improve moxibustion therapy has become increasingly urgent. This essay will describe in detail how to successfully promote crowdfunding product “Electronic moxibustion instrument” to the market and expand business through IMC plan. Specifically, it will involve product competitor analysis, target group selection, promotion channels, advertising creativity, financial and resource support. Ultimately, a comprehensive IMC program to promote “electronic moxibustion instruction” to different target groups, shifting the product from a push strategy to a pull strategy, with consumers creating their own demand and actively buying the product.


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31 July 2022

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