Risk Prediction of Digital Currency Investment Based on The Quantitative Economic Model


  • Lei Lei




Digital currency, Financial risk, Regulatory measures, Mathematical model, Goodness of fit.


With the rapid development of science and technology, the global political, economic and financial system are constantly impacted. As a new form of currency, the function of digital currency is highly sought after by investors around the world and wide attention from all walks of society. Economic and social problems are becoming increasingly complex, and people begin to study them with the help of mathematical models. Mathematical models can help people to understand social and economic problems very well. This paper requires the problems in the model construction, discusses the conditions for the correlation of the independent variables, and constructs the statistics to test the goodness of fit. However, at the same time, how to deal with the regulatory challenges and security threats posed by digital currency to the government, maintain and realize the healthy and sustainable development of their own economy and financial markets, and strengthen the coordination and cooperation between international regulatory agencies need to be the focus of regulatory authorities.


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31 July 2022

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