Research on the Importance of Enterprise Culture in Improvement in Human Resources Efficiency of Small and Medium Enterprises


  • Qianyi Li



Human resource efficiency, Small and medium enterprises, Corporate culture, Training.


Different from large enterprises, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face many difficulties in the process of development. In the face of fierce competition market environment, as for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain long-term stable development, the enterprises must adapt to the survival of the fittest in the market economy, in a sense is also the competition of human resources. Staff training of SMEs is an essential methods to improve the level of human resources, and is also the most direct and common way to improve market efficiency, enhance employees' loyalty to the enterprise and vocational skills. At the same time, SMEs can also effectively develop and use corporate culture to strengthen the role of corporate culture in corporate centripetal force and cohesion. This paper will research how to improve humane resources efficiency by building enterprise culture.


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