Analysis of Influencing Factors on The Training Effectiveness of Older Employees in Enterprises


  • Yu Zhan



Training of older employees, Questionnaire survey, CIPP training evaluation model.


As the aging process deepens and deepens, it has had an impact on various aspects of China, including enterprises. Studying the influencing factors of training effectiveness for older employees in enterprises, providing suggestions and improvements for the training of older employees in enterprises, can help alleviate the negativing impact of aging trends on talent resources and provide new ideas for the training of older employees in enterprises in some extent. This article investigate and analyze the potential problems of enterprise training for older employees, the reasons for training problems, the purpose of participating in training, satisfaction with training and training effectiveness by literature research, questionnaire survey, CIPP training evaluation model, and statistical analysis methods ,for identifying some influencing factors of the training effectiveness of older employees in enterprises and proposing measures in enterprises improving the training of older employees.


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