The Impact of Corporate Digital Transformation on Supply Chain Management: The Mediating Role of Corporate Innovativeness and Risk Resilience


  • Wen Luo



Digital transformation, Supply chain management, Innovation capability, Risk resilience.


Supply chain management is one of the core aspects of an enterprise's integrated business processes. Based on the realistic needs of enterprises to optimise their supply chain management, this paper collects data from a sample of domestic listed enterprises' annual reports disclosed from 2007 to 2019 to empirically investigate the impact of digital transformation on supply chain management. It is tested that digital transformation can significantly optimise the supply chain management of enterprises, and this optimisation effect is heterogeneous according to the asset structure characteristics and industry technology attributes of enterprises. The analysis of the mechanism found that digital transformation helps companies achieve higher levels of innovation, while strengthening their risk resilience and thus achieving spillover benefits to supply chain management. In view of this, this paper suggests deepening the construction of enterprise digital ecology, enriching enterprise digital industry support, and further creating a good supply chain operation system for enterprises.


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Luo, W. (2022). The Impact of Corporate Digital Transformation on Supply Chain Management: The Mediating Role of Corporate Innovativeness and Risk Resilience. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 6(1), 101-104.

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