Statistical Analysis of Wenzhou Municipal Innovation Policy

Based on the Data of Recent 10 Years


  • Gaoxiang Chen
  • Yuli Gao
  • Liying Sheng
  • Xin Lin



Innovation policy, Text research, Word frequency statistics, Word cloud chart.


 In 2022, under the dual influence of the COVID-19 and the international situation, China's economic development pressure will continue to rise. China has always regarded "innovation" as the core of its national development strategy. With the implementation of Wenzhou's strategy of creating "two healthy" pilot areas in the new era, Wenzhou has put forward many innovative policies. This research intends to collect the innovation policy texts issued by Wenzhou in the past, analyze the characteristics and direction of innovation policy formulation in Wenzhou through word frequency statistical analysis and word cloud map construction, and draw conclusions. The research found that the main direction of innovation policy formulation in Wenzhou is to use innovation to promote Wenzhou's industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality economic development, including Zhejiang manufacturing, digitization, intelligence, independent innovation and other keywords. Furthermore, Wenzhou Municipal Government can improve the design concept and method of innovation policy from four aspects.


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Chen, G., Gao, Y., Sheng, L., & Lin, X. (2022). Statistical Analysis of Wenzhou Municipal Innovation Policy: Based on the Data of Recent 10 Years. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 7(1), 120–123.