Hongxingerke Leveraging Marketing Strategy Research


  • Lingdie Wei




Precision marketing; Hongxing Erke; Countermeasures.


This paper deeply analyzes the case of Hongxing Erke's trend marketing, firstly, it summarizes its trend marketing techniques, and analyzes the techniques used by Hongxing Erke in carrying out trend marketing, i.e., choosing the trend precisely, following the trend and taking advantage of the trend. Secondly, it innovatively proposed the rules that enterprises should follow in the process of applying the trend marketing, including the law of opportunity, the law of relevance, the law of emotional utility, the law of innovation, and the law of long-term. Again, the problems of Hongxing Erke's marketing are analyzed, including short influence cycle, lack of brand loyalty, and lagging development of supply chain system. Finally, the optimization plan is proposed for the marketing strategy of Hongxing Erke Industry Co., Ltd.: In the era of content is king, increasing R&D efforts and improving brand quality is the way to go; there should be a systematic planning and long-term marketing strategy for borrowing, and insist on long-term borrowing, so that the public's favorable feeling towards the brand can be transformed into purchasing actions and customer loyalty can be won; in the era of big data, the construction of supply chain management talents should be strengthened, and the supply chain should be seamlessly integrated. In the era of big data, we should strengthen the construction of supply chain management talents and strive for seamless integration of supply chain, so as to improve the operation efficiency of supply chain..


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