Study on Financial Analysis and Optimization Measures of Midea Group


  • Jun Zhang



Midea Group, Financial analysis, Response measures.


 The development of home appliance industry is related to the quality of life of residents, so the healthy and stable development of home appliance enterprises is of great significance. As the leader of China's home appliance industry, the development of Midea Group plays a pivotal role in the overall development level of the home appliance industry. In the context of global epidemic spread and industrial transformation and upgrading, Midea Group is facing threats as well as opportunities. This paper analyzes Midea Group's three major statements and four major capabilities based on relevant financial data from 2016-2020, and the results show that the company's solvency and profitability are high, but its operating and development capabilities are weak. Based on this study, we propose optimization suggestions for its operating and development capabilities to provide reference for corporate development.


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