Research on the Current Situation, Obstacles and Models of Digital Transformation of MSMEs


  • Lin Feng
  • Haiyan Wang



With the continuous acceleration of China's digital development process, China has been in the "14th Five-Year Plan", but also the digital transformation as the window of opportunity in the past decade. Then the digital transformation is especially important for small and medium-sized enterprises, which are an important part of China's economy. The epidemic at the moment, all walks of life are experiencing tremendous pressure to control the epidemic, reduce the crossover of people and reduce the gathering of activities. The stagnation of offline as well as traditional trade, the rise of online digital trade. Want to find a way out, digital transformation is the recent way out. The study of the digital transformation of micro, small and medium enterprises on the difficulties of micro, small and medium enterprises in the post-epidemic era and the solution and development to promote the development of China's digital economy is of great practical significance. Using the questionnaire research method, a total of 79 actual controllers or actual persons in charge of MSMEs in the Pearl River Delta were selected as samples in our current questionnaire survey. Starting from 28 questions on difficulties faced in business operation, awareness, understanding and demand for digital transformation, whether digital transformation has been carried out upstream and downstream in the industry, and the current situation, difficulties and political demands of enterprises' digitalization, we investigate the awareness, development obstacles and driving factors of digital transformation among MSMEs.


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