Research on the Impact of Technological Talent Loss in High tech Enterprises on the Construction of Enterprise Talent Teams


  • Xu Liu



High tech enterprise technology, Brain drain, Talent team, The impact of construction.


Talent is a key factor driving profit growth and the core capital of enterprises. Therefore, attracting and retaining talent is crucial for enterprises. However, against the backdrop of a shortage of talent, a large-scale wave of talent mobility has emerged. The consequence is that talent flows frequently between enterprises, accelerating the turnover of talent, resulting in a proportional loss of funds and resources, which affects the survival and development of the enterprise. Therefore, this article studies the impact of technological talent loss in high-tech enterprises on the construction of enterprise talent teams. High tech enterprises in different industries have different industry life cycles, and the impact on core talent loss in high-tech enterprises is also different. Brain drain has no benefits for business operations, whether in the short or long term. So the inability to retain, utilize, and motivate talents has become a common challenge faced by domestic high-tech enterprises. However, in order for enterprises to retain outstanding talents, it is necessary to improve the overall satisfaction of employees.


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