Research on Promotion Mode of Wuyuan Specialty Based on Blockchain


  • Jingyan Wu
  • Zhixuan Wang
  • Tong Xie
  • Xinyue Song
  • Jinting Chu



Block chain, Rural revitalization, Online specialty retail, Product quality assurance.


Wuyuan's existing specialties have a long history and a rich variety, but due to geographical restrictions, insufficient market demand and the contradiction between the slow sale of goods under the epidemic situation, the development of Wuyuan's specialty retail industry has encountered bottlenecks. At present, blockchain as the underlying support technology of digital currency has been applied to varying degrees in the financial industry, sharing economy, supply chain management and other fields, while there is still insufficient research on the promotion of special products and the application of retail models. Relying on the characteristics of immutability, instant plasticity and decentralization of blockchain, this paper systematically analyzes the application status and development advantages of blockchain. In order to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and ensure the quality of the supply of special products, this paper combines preliminary practices such as field investigations, sorts out the sales model of Wuyuan specialties, puts forward development countermeasures and suggestions, and develops the "Four Colors Wuyuan" WeChat Mini Program suitable for product tracking and traceability by building a specialty sales platform that can supervise and feedback in real time, boosting the digital development of Wuyuan's economy, promoting the optimization and reform of economic structure, and helping rural revitalization.


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Wu, J., Wang, Z., Xie, T., Song, X., & Chu, J. (2023). Research on Promotion Mode of Wuyuan Specialty Based on Blockchain. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 9(1), 124–127.