Research on the Influence Mechanism of Digital Economy on Energy Consumption Structure Under the Target of "Double-carbon"


  • Ying Zou




Facing the increasingly severe resources and ecological problems, China has included the development of "green economy" in the development strategy. At present, China is experiencing a new round of energy reform with the dual effects of ecological and social. In order to solve the shortage of petrochemical resources and achieve the goal of "carbon reduction", the new round of energy conservation reform aims to increase the energy consumption of clean energy. Therefore, this study in the under the background of "double carbon" target, through the relevant research results at home and abroad, the energy industry development in China made a comprehensive analysis, qualitative analysis of energy consumption of green economy development mechanism, and adopt the entropy right Topsis model, space measurement model respectively in 2011-2021 our country provincial panel data empirical analysis, to explore the mechanism of energy consumption mechanism to promote the optimization of energy consumption structure in our country, realize the sustainable development.


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