Research on the Influence of Enterprise Digitalization on R&D Innovation

Based on the Stock Market Data of Listed Companies in China


  • Junjie Chen



Enterprise digitalization, R&D innovation, Fixed effect model, Patent.


With the development of scientific and technological innovation and digital economy, more and more enterprises choose to implement digital transformation to enhance their influence. This paper takes China Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2010 to 2020 as samples, obtains the keywords related to "digital transformation" in the annual report of enterprises with the help of crawler technology, and empirically tests the influence of digitalization of listed companies on enterprise R&D innovation under the background of social digital reform and innovation. The results show that the digital transformation of enterprises can significantly improve the R&D innovation of enterprises, that is, the higher the degree of digital transformation of enterprises, the more R&D innovation of enterprises. The above conclusions are still valid after endogenous test and robustness test. This study enriches the relevant literature on promoting R&D innovation in enterprises, and provides empirical evidence for the management of enterprises to carry out high-quality R&D innovation.


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