About the Journal

FCIS publishes research articles, literature review articles, editorial, etc. Contributions are welcome from all fields of science, engineering, and technology. The typical topics include, but are not limited to the following fields: Ambient intelligence, Artificial intelligence, Artificial life, Big data analytics, Cloud computing, Cognitive science and systems, Communication Technology, Computational intelligence, Computational neuroscience, Computer engineering, Data mining, DNA and immune based systems, e-Learning and teaching, Evolutionary computing and the fusion of these paradigms, Fuzzy systems, Human-centered and human-centric computing, Human-machine teaming, Human-robot interaction, Intelligent agents, Intelligent control, Intelligent data analysis, Intelligent decision-making and support, Intelligent logistics, Intelligent network security, Intelligent optimization, Intelligent scheduling, interactive entertainment, Internet of things, Knowledge management, Knowledge-based paradigms, learning paradigms, Linguistics and language recognition, Machine ethics, Manufacturing intelligence, Multi-objective optimization, Network technology, Novel and emerging industrial applications, Perception and Vision, Recommender systems, Robotic vision, Robotics and mechatronics, Self-organizing and adaptive systems, Social intelligence, Soft computing, Software engineering, Tust management, Virtual worlds and society, Web intelligence and multimedia.