Artificial Intelligence Technology in Mechanical Dogs


  • Hui Tan
  • Shenghong Wu
  • Yunjie Dai
  • Yang Li
  • Youqin Feng



Robot Dog, AI, Development Status


Technology is changing day by day, and the products of the times are endless, just as the steam engine in the steam era, the generator in the electrical era, and the computer and the Internet in the information era, artificial intelligence is becoming a decisive force to push mankind into the intelligent era. With this background, this paper discusses the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of mechanical dogs. Firstly, this paper explains the development status of artificial intelligence technology (AI) at home and abroad, then gives an overview of AI technology and mechanical dogs respectively, then lists the application status of four common types of intelligent mechanical dogs, and finally concludes that AI technology in the field of mechanical dogs still has a better development prospect.


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Tan, H., Wu, S., Dai, Y., Li, Y., & Feng, Y. (2024). Artificial Intelligence Technology in Mechanical Dogs. Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems, 7(1), 78-80.