Digital Transformation in Real Estate Services: Development and Implementation of the Housing Selection Platform


  • Siyu Wang
  • Haishan Wang



Housing Rental Platform, Front-end/Back-end Separation, Microservices Architecture, Performance Optimization, Technical Challenges, User Experience


This article provides a detailed elaboration on the design and development of the Housing Selection Platform, an online platform that responds to current real estate market demands and integrates modern technologies. The paper comprehensively introduces the platform's system modules, including online housing rental, buying and selling, as well as related shopping mall experiences. The platform adopts a front-end/back-end separation and microservices architecture, making development efficient and the system easy to maintain. It also emphasizes performance optimization through technologies like Redis and has adopted the latest authentication and authorization measures for security. The article widely discusses the implementation of the system and the technical challenges faced, providing solutions such as API gateways and event-driven architectures. The conclusion revisits key learned points and successful experiences, predicting that the introduction of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will drive the platform's development. The importance of user experience throughout the developmental process is emphasized, looking forward to how the Housing Selection Platform will continue to lead the industry in the future.


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