Application Analysis of Security Situational Awareness System in Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Network


  • Yanping Chang
  • Qibin Li
  • Jianan Zhang



Security Situational Awareness System, Meteorological Network, Qinghai Province


As the public's demand for the accuracy of meteorological services is increasing, the scale of meteorological network in Qinghai Province is expanding, the depth of the network level is extending, the topology is becoming more and more complex, and the security problems are becoming more and more prominent. Traditional security protection measures are unable to detect the problems in Qinghai Province meteorological network as a whole. Network Security Situational Awareness is an effective means to guarantee the security of meteorological network at the present stage by collecting comprehensive and macro security elements in the network environment and carrying out big data analysis and processing to have a macro and comprehensive judgment of the security situation of the network and to predict the security trend of the network system. This paper mainly focuses on the network security situational awareness system used in Qinghai meteorological network and gives a brief introduction to the deployment of the situational awareness platform and a brief overview of the supporting applications.


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Chang, Y., Li, Q., & Zhang, J. (2024). Application Analysis of Security Situational Awareness System in Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Network. Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems, 8(1), 88-90.