Research on Atmospheric Attenuation Compensation Technology of High-Frequency Band Microwave in Long-Distance Transmission


  • Yanping Chang
  • Qibin Li
  • Jianan Zhang



High-band Microwave, Long-distance Transmission, Atmospheric Attenuation, Compensation


With the rapid development of wireless communication technology, high-frequency band microwaves (e.g., millimeter-wave and terahertz wave) show great potential in the field of high-speed data transmission due to their huge bandwidth resources. However, high-frequency band microwaves are seriously affected by atmospheric attenuation during transmission, especially at long distances, and this attenuation significantly reduces the signal strength and quality. Therefore, the study of accurate modeling of atmospheric attenuation as well as effective compensation techniques is crucial for improving the performance of long-distance transmission of high-frequency band microwaves.


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Chang, Y., Li, Q., & Zhang, J. (2024). Research on Atmospheric Attenuation Compensation Technology of High-Frequency Band Microwave in Long-Distance Transmission. Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems, 8(1), 116-118.