Research on Big Data Intelligent System for Fault Diagnosis of Computer Aided Ship Power System


  • Ning Wang
  • Xiaojun Hou
  • Jikun Ma
  • Bingbing Yuan
  • Fuyan Xin



Computer Aided, Marine Power System, Fault Diagnosis, Big Data Intelligent System


This paper aims to build a new fault diagnosis system based on big data and artificial intelligence technology. This study first expounds the application value and prospect of big data technology and intelligent algorithm in the fault diagnosis of ship power system, and realizes the effective integration and mining of massive, multi-source and heterogeneous ship power system operation data through in-depth analysis of the characteristics of ship power system operation data. Secondly, in view of the nonlinear and time-varying characteristics of ship power system faults, this study designs and implements a fault diagnosis model that integrates intelligent algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning. The model can automatically extract key fault features, realize early warning and accurate identification of potential faults, and improve the accuracy and response speed of fault diagnosis through continuous learning and optimization. Finally, this study applies the big data intelligent system for fault diagnosis of computer-aided ship power system to a practical case to verify its effectiveness and practicability in improving fault diagnosis efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring navigation safety. The research results have important theoretical significance and practical value for improving the level of ship operation and maintenance management and ensuring the stable operation of ship power system.


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