Simulation Application of BPNN-PID Controller with Improved Ant Colony Algorithm in Temperature Control System


  • Cong Gao
  • Mingge Sun
  • Xiaolong Guo
  • Yinggang Li
  • Xingke Zhang



Hysteresis, Ant Colony Algorithm, BPNN-PID Control, Temperature Control


Aiming at the nonlinear and hysteresis of PID controller in temperature control, this paper proposes a BPNN-PID control scheme with improved ant colony algorithm, and uses MATLAB to simulate and compare experiments. The results show that compared with the traditional ant colony algorithm control and BPNN control methods, the improved system has higher precision and better anti-interference ability in temperature control, and has higher practical application value.


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Gao, C., Sun, M., Guo, X., Li, Y., & Zhang, X. (2024). Simulation Application of BPNN-PID Controller with Improved Ant Colony Algorithm in Temperature Control System . Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems, 8(3), 90-94.