Research on the Cultural Communication of Huangmei Opera in Anhui by Information Graphicization


  • Beibei Zhang
  • Dan Liu



Anhui Huangmei Opera, Information Graphic, Cultural Communication


The arrival of the information age has changed the way of communication and expression between people, and the access to information resources has also been revolutionized. The use of visual information graphic design can not only meet the urgent need of people to obtain information in the context of the information age, but also help people to analyze and understand the information in a diversified way in the face of the influx of information. This paper takes "Huangmei Opera" as an example of information graphic design, aiming at a more intuitive way of conveying information, using a new perspective to show the audience this kind of opera with strong regional flavor, further enhance the popularity of Huangmei Opera, so that more people are familiar with this intangible cultural heritage.


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