Research on the Effective Methods of Pilates for Ballerinas to Enhance "Core Muscle Group"


  • Anran Wang



Pilates, The Core Muscles, Ballet Dancer


Pilates is an emphasis on coordinate core muscle group control of the whole body movement, in the process of long-term development, gradually found pilates can be combined with ballet basic training, form of ballet dancer body and promote the development of it can improve ballet dancer's body quality, enhance the capacity of technical skills, is the important supplement of gihon ballet teaching. In the teaching method of classical ballet, it is pointed out that ballet is an art that strives to get rid of gravity more than other types of dance. In maintaining the balance and stability of the body in the dance, ballet dancers have more formidable challenges. Ballet movements are mostly centered on the "core". The strong core muscles can help the ballet dancer better control the stability, speed and balance of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to carry on the core strength auxiliary training. In this paper, the training methods of pilates are summarized and sorted out. The function of pilates on the core of ballet dancers will be analyzed from its training methods, and the advantages of pilates in the core training of ballet dance will be analyzed, so as to make ballet training more scientific and efficient.


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