Research on "Publicness" in Public Art under the Perspective of Co-construction Concept


  • Xichen He



Co-construction Concept, Public Art, Publicness


In the early stages of the reform and opening-up, the concept of co-construction gradually entered the public consciousness. China began to emphasize community development, community participation, and grassroots governance. Over time, China has increasingly emphasized multi-party participation, democratic decision-making, and collaborative construction in urban renewal, community governance, rural transformation, and cultural development. This emphasis on social participation and collaborative construction has gradually embedded the concept of co-construction, filled with a spirit of humanistic care, into the hearts of the people. This paper aims to delve into the "publicness" in public art under the perspective of the co-construction concept. By introducing relevant concepts such as co-construction, the paper clarifies the core concept of "publicness" under the co-construction perspective. It thoroughly analyzes the inseparable relationship between the co-construction concept and publicness in public art, elaborating on how the co-construction concept influences and guides the practice of public art design.


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