Study on the Digital Design of Macau Native Portuguese Women's Clothing in a Metacosmic Perspective


  • Yang Qi



Metacosmos, Digital Technology, Macau Native Portuguese Women's Clothing, Digitalized Design


This paper studies the digital design of Macau native Portuguese women's costumes from the perspective of meta-universe. Firstly, it explains the current development of Macau native Portuguese women's costumes and the necessity of digital design, secondly, it analyzes the feasibility of the digital design of Macau native Portuguese women's costumes on this basis, and proposes the innovative application of digital technology in digital design of costumes, and finally, it concludes the application methodology of digital design of costumes in the meta-universe, with a view to effectively combining the costumes and modern digitalization to give them new vitality, and to contribute to the cultural inheritance, design and cultural and creative industries of Macau's costumes. Finally, it concludes the application method of clothing digitalization design in the meta-universe, in order to effectively combine Macau native Portuguese women's clothing with modern digitization and give it new vitality, so as to provide reference for the inheritance of Macau's clothing culture and the development of design and cultural and creative industries.


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