Integrating Regional Culture into Public Art within the Metro Public Space


  • Anqi Zhu



Public Art, Cultural Memory, Public Participation


Chinese artists with the development of China's economy and the accelerated construction of urbanization, public art expresses the collective consciousness and mainstream emotions in the process of China's social development. Seeking to express the revival and mutation of traditional culture in a proper artistic language, people hope to express their aspirations for the times through public art. China's urban subway public art is a typical manifestation of public art in the current stage of China's development, and has traveled with every important period of China's reform process, recording the traces of the times with works of art. China's subway public art has been diversified from the initial single form of expression, but there are still many shortcomings and problems, waiting for our artists and art workers to explore, China's subway public art to the world. China's urban subway public art has a successful case, but there is also the phenomenon of serious commercialization. China's urban subway public art has become an important platform for the historical heritage of the Chinese nation. The development of urban subway makes our urban public art more and more recognized by the public.


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