Study on the Development of Intangible Heritage Items

-- Yangjiang Saltwater Song as an Example


  • Hao Wen



Intangible Cultural Heritage, Yangjiang Xianshui Song, Overview, Development


The boat-dwelling people of Yangjiang, Guangdong Province were once a group of water dwellers with a long history and specific living and production practices and cultural qualities. They improvised salty-water songs to express their feelings during daily labour and wedding customs, with rich tunes and diverse forms. In the historical evolution, a large number of boat-dwelling families living ashore, changing the way of life of the boat as a home, in the deep impact of popular culture, boat-dwelling customs are gradually marginalised, the inheritance of Yangjiang salty water songs also appeared to be a dilemma. In the new era when the protection of intangible cultural heritage is widely valued, we should recognise the urgent need for the protection of the salty water song, and seek the way of inheritance and development of Yangjiang salty water song in the light of the current reality.


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