The Inheritance and Development of Traditional Chinese Flower Arrangement Art


  • Jie Xu



Art Education, Flower Arrangement Art, Inheritance and Development


Influenced by the world's modern art trends, especially abstract paintings and abstract sculptures, the style and techniques of modern flower arrangement have made major breakthroughs, and a hundred flowers are blooming. Free style, abstract style, avant-garde style and various large-scale floral arrangements express the aesthetic taste and ideas of contemporary people. Flower arrangement is developing towards floral content, commercialization and practicality. "From classical to modern" and "from tradition to innovation" are the slogans of today's flower arrangement circle. Modern floral art can reinterpret traditional classical art with novel techniques and concepts, which is the development trend of flower arrangement art education. The value and significance of traditional Chinese flower arrangement art in the new era, the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese flower arrangement art, etc. are explored and explored, and thoughts are put forward on the intangible inheritance, development and promotion of traditional Chinese flower arrangement art.


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