Research on Symbolic Design of Creative Products based on KJ Method


  • Botong Li



KJ, Semiotics, Creative Product Design, Personalized Needs


Semiotics, as a meta-science, is combined with other disciplines to form disciplinary research fields with different characteristics, such as product semiotics, cultural semiotics and social semiotics. The development of semiotics is extended to explore, and the mutual influence and common development of modern social semiotics and product design is explored in combination with the field of product design. Promote the birth and development of design disciplines and schools such as product semantics and unconscious design. This topic starts from the discussion of the birth and development of semiotics, takes product semiotics as the main research object, explores the related concepts of semiotics design and the influence of product symbols on users' behavioral concepts, and combines with KJ analysis to sort out and summarize the design elements of symbolized products, looking for the application solutions of symbolized products. Finally, from the perspective of symbolic development of future product design, methods and strategies are proposed: with the help of new technologies in the Internet era, get rid of the bondage of appearance service modeling; Pay attention to users' personalized and personal needs; Integrate the creative points.


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