The Trend of Research on Design for Healthy Ageing: A Visual Analysis Using VOSviewer and CiteSpace


  • Ruijie Zhao



Designing for Healthy Ageing, Research Progress, Visualization, Analysis


Background: Based on the research needs of Design for healthy ageing, policy support visualizes and analyzes the output distribution, research hotspots, and cutting-edge trends of Design for healthy ageing related literature. Research Aim: In order to better carry out research in the field of design for healthy ageing segmentation, we use core data-bases to explore the progress of design for healthy ageing area research at home and abroad from a macro perspective. Methods: The method uses the Web of Science core col-lection database and China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) database as data sources to export the output distribution, research hotspots, and cutting-edge trend visualization graphs of literature. Results: The results were compared and reviewed with the help of visual literature analysis software VOSviewer and Citespace on relevant literature both domestically and internationally. Conclusions: The time course of research progress on ageing design and the development prospects of ageing design research discipline were summarized. Summarize the research progress and cutting-edge trends in the field, per-spective, and content of ageing design discipline. The conclusion is influenced by policies and the environment, and there are certain similarities and differences in domestic and foreign research. In the context of the sudden global epidemic, the exploration of social par-ticipation in design for the elderly is a common research hotspot. The difference lies in that foreign research focuses on Service design for the elderly, focusing on the health ageing framework of WHO, targeting families, basic nursing services, virtual health and design for healthy ageing service technologies.


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