Research on the Artistic Language of High Temperature Colour Glaze Porcelain Paintings


  • Ting Huang



Porcelain Painting, High Temperature Colour Glaze Porcelain Painting, Artistic Language, Dunhuang Art


High-temperature colour glaze is the fire phoenix in ceramic art, its development history has a long history, until now there have been thousands of years of history, is a great symbol of mankind towards the history of civilization. High-temperature colour glaze ceramic painting has a unique artistic language and strong artistic expression, and has a long preservation time, never discolouration process advantages, contemporary high-temperature colour glaze ceramic painting combined with the humanities trend of the times, presenting the works of the times with a cultural outlook, spiritual beliefs and thinking about life, become the pursuit of artistic value and artistic taste very good carrier, so more and more people have broken the high-temperature colour glaze ceramic painting. Therefore, more and more people have broken the high temperature colour glaze porcelain painting value and meaning can only depend on the porcelain decoration and the existence of the inherent thinking, began to consciously go from a purely aesthetic point of view to the creation of painting, this paper combines the modern aesthetic tendency, innovation on the basis of tradition and then fused with the characteristics of colour glaze, the colour glaze porcelain painting of the art of the language of research.


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