Analysis of Diseases and Conservation of Modern Residential Buildings in Macao: A Case Study of the Lou Family's Big House


  • Jing Zhang



Architectural Cultural Heritage Protection, Building Disease, Macao Folk Houses


The Lo Family Building is a typical representative of modern residential architecture in Macao, which has its own characteristics in terms of architectural history, culture, spatial layout and fittings. In recent years, many scholars have been carrying out research on the Lu Family's Great House. At present, there is insufficient research and protection on the disease analysis and architectural protection related issues of the restored Lu Family's Great House. This paper through the literature research, field research methods on the Lu family house specific investigation and research, analysis of existing disease phenomena, concluded that the Zheng family house is currently the main external finishes discolouration, cracking, weathering, plant erosion and human factors and other types of disease, and its characteristics and causes of a brief collation of the analysis; and finally, based on the above materials, put forward the subsequent protection measures. To a certain extent, it provides some new thoughts for the conservation of modern residential buildings in Macao.


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