Epidemiological Investigation of Chronic Cough in Chongqing


  • Jian He
  • Zhijiao Jiang
  • Feng Xu
  • Xuemei Zhang
  • Changchun Yin
  • Yongxiu Yao
  • Jing Huang




Chongqing Area, Chronic Cough, Covid-19 Infection, Epidemiology


Objective to investigate the incidence and risk factors of chronic cough in Chongqing urban residents aged 18-80 years. Methods a questionnaire was designed, and the incidence and related data of chronic cough among residents aged 18-80 years in Chongqing urban area were statistically analyzed in the form of community field questionnaire. Results a total of 1851 questionnaires were used, of which 1804 were valid. The total incidence of chronic cough was 11.64%, Before the prevalence of covid-19, it was 10.65%, The prevalence of covid-19 was 12.14%. Multivariate analysis of chronic cough showed that the patients were 50 years old or older (or=2.063, 95% CI 1.476-2.883, P<0.05), P<0.05), Senior high school and below (or=0.601, 95% CI 0.430-0.840, P<0.05), 497, 95% CI 1. 784-3. 494, P<0.05), Smoking (or=2.055, 95% CI 1.465-2.882, P<0.05), P<0.05), Drinking (or=2.415, 95% CI 1.692-3.446, P<0.05), P<0.05), Infection with covid-19 (or=1.902, 95% CI 1.387-2.608, P<0.05), P<0.05) the incidence of chronic cough in residents was significantly increased. Multivariate analysis of the severity of chronic cough showed that the risk of severe chronic cough in patients aged 50 years and over was 3.584 times higher than that in patients aged less than 50 years (or=3.584, 95% CI 1.304-9.846, P<0.05), P<0.05), Secondly, the influence of season on cough severity was also statistically significant (or=3.689, 95% CI 1.233-11.038, P<0.05), P<0.05). Multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) of chronic cough related factors showed that the severity of cough was moderately correlated with the impact on life and mood. Conclusion the incidence of chronic cough during the epidemic period of new coronavirus is increased. The incidence of chronic cough is higher in residents aged 50 and above, with lower education (high school and below), smoking and drinking, complicated with chronic respiratory diseases, and infected with covid-19. Chronic cough in patients aged 50 years and above is more serious, and chronic cough significantly affects the daily life and mood of residents. It is necessary to pay attention to the chronic cough group and get timely and effective diagnosis and treatment.


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