Extraction and Hemagglutination Activity Study of Lectins from Hygrophorus lucorum Kalchbr


  • Huanyi Guo




Hygrophorus lucorum Kalchbr, Lectin, Agglutination Activity, Extract


Edible fungus lectin hasanti-tumor, anti-virus, immune regulation and other functions. In this experiment, the wild Hygrophorus lucorum Kalchbr was used as the material, and the lectin was extracted by leaching method. The lectin was treated with physical and chemical factors, and the hemagglutination method was used to detect the change rule of lectin agglutination activity. The extraction process of lectin was optimized by single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment. The study of agglutination activity showed that: glycerol, lactose and maltose had significant inhibitory effects; when treated at 80℃, the agglutination activity was lost; pH<5.0 or pH>9.0, the agglutination activity was greatly inhibited; AI3+, Fe3+ had obvious promoting effects. Lectin extraction single factor test results: PBS (0.50mol/L, pH6.5) was used as the extraction reagent, the ratio of solid to liquid(g/mL) was1:10, and the fruiting bodies were extracted for 5 hours at 30℃. 40% saturation ammonium sulfate salting-out treatment, the salting-out product has the highest agglutination activity. The optimal process combination obtained by the or thogonal test is: using PBS (0.50mol/L, pH 6.5) as the extractant, according to the solid-liquid ratio (g/mL) 1:10, 40℃, leaching for 4h, the quantitative agglutination activity of lectin was 0.9609.


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