The Etiology, Pathogenesis and Clinical Treatment of Depression Were Analyzed from the Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Jiahe Zhang



Depression, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Etiology and Pathogenesis, Clinical Treatment


As the pace of life quickens, the prevalence of depression rises. Due to the incomplete understanding of depression and various causes, it is still unable to fully effective prevention and treatment in clinical practice. Western medicine treatment of depression has high cost and side effects, while Chinese medicine treatment has advantages, according to different syndromes, different treatment means and Chinese medicine drugs can be used, efficient and targeted. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cause of depression lies in the poor operation of Qi and blood, which leads to the dysfunction of multiple viscera, and the symptoms such as emotional depression appear in the light, and the serious phenomena such as loss of survival motivation appear. This article will discuss the causes and treatment methods of depression from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, and provide new ideas for clinical treatment.


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