Meta-analysis of Clinical High-risk Factors for the Development of Neonatal Hypoglycemia


  • Yanling Chen
  • Lei Zhu



Newborn, Hypoglycemia, Asphyxia, Gestational Diabetes, Risk Factors, Meta-analysis


GDM is a common clinical complication of pregnancy, the incidence rate has been increasing in recent years and the risk of neonatal development of neonatal hypoglycemia (NH) has significantly increased. Studies have shown that the incidence of NH in GDM-delivered newborns is up to 27%. Severe hypoglycemia can cause irreversible brain injury and neurological sequelae in newborns, NH is one of the most common metabolic diseases in neonatal intensive care units. However, many scholars have discussed the related risk factors of neonatal hypoglycemia, but the risk factors and research results are different among the studies and there are some controversies. Therefore, this study aims to conduct a Meta-analysis through the domestic and foreign published studies on the risk factors for neonatal hypoglycemia, to identify the main risk factors for neonatal hypoglycemia, and to provide a basis for early clinical prevention and timely development of scientific and effective interventions. Through health and interest Engineering, the computer conducted a literature search in the medical databases of Wanfang Medical, PubMed database, domestic medical research journals, and biomedical medical literature, and conducted a Meta-analysis using Rev Man 5.2 software based on the clinical risk factors of neonatal hypoglycemia. The retrieved literature was screened according to the criteria of study subjects, methods, disease type, and so on, and a total of 9 documents meeting the criteria were finally included, with low bias. The results of the Meta-analysis showed statistical differences in the incidence of pregnant and maternal gestational diabetes, neonatal asphyxia and low birth weight infants in the hypoglycaemic and non-hypoglycaemic neonatal groups, Moreover, the incidence of pregnant and maternal gestational diabetes, neonatal asphyxia, and low birth weight infants was significantly lower in the hypoglycemic neonatal group(P<0.05); Studies evaluated maternal gestational diabetes, neonatal asphyxia and low birth weight infants with neonatal hypoglycemia, The results showed that maternal gestational diabetes, neonatal asphyxia, and low birth weight infants all increase the risk of neonatal hypoglycemia(P<0.001). Therefore, for children with neonatal hypoglycemia, pregnant mothers and gestational diabetes, neonatal asphyxia, and low-weight children are all high-risk factors for hypoglycemia, clinicians should do a good job in prevention and control, and intervention to reduce the incidence of neonatal hypoglycemia.


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