Application of Different Logging Techniques in Uranium Exploration


  • Ye Tian
  • Jun Xu
  • Yanhao Liu
  • Xianzhong Gong
  • Luqi Cheng



Uranium Mine, Logging Technology, Uranium Enrichment Characteristics, Outlook


With the depletion of energy, nuclear energy as a new type of clean fuel has attracted much attention, and its main resource is uranium, so the exploration of uranium resources has become a key point and hot spot in the global mining field. Uranium exploration methods are varied, based on the current situation to find a fast and cost-effective means of uranium exploration is particularly important, appropriate logging technology can not only improve the efficiency of the search for minerals, but also save costs. This paper mainly introduces the principle of different uranium logging technology and the characteristics of uranium-rich areas, combined with the research results of previous people, explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages of different logging technology in exploration, as well as analyzing the problems they have, and finally the prospect of uranium exploration technology.


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20 December 2023




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Tian, Y., Xu, J., Liu , Y., Gong, X., & Cheng, L. (2023). Application of Different Logging Techniques in Uranium Exploration. International Journal of Energy, 3(3), 86-89.