Analysis of the Female Characters in "Blood Goddess" from the Perspective of Lacan's Mirror Theory


  • Zhenyun Wang



The Blood Goddess, Lacan, Mirror Theory, The Other.


Written and directed by Yazhe Yang, the Taiwanese film "Blood Goddess" won the Best Feature Film Award at the 54th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards. The film tells the story of the heroine, Tang Zhen, who, after experiencing various subversive blows and self-alienation in the fierce battle of politicians under the dark 1980s, eventually transforms into a new generation of ruthless "Mrs. Tang After experiencing various subversive blows and self-alienation, she finally transforms into a new generation of ruthless "Mrs. Tang" and realizes the real subject pursuit. This paper uses French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan's core theory - mirror theory - to start the analysis, discussing how the protagonist Tang really grows from an "angel" to a "demon" step by step, thus making a deeper understanding of the film.


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26 July 2022

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