Analysis on the Development Prospect of Low-altitude Tourism in Hunan Province


  • Zimu Li



Low-altitude tourism, General aviation, SWOT, Tourism product.


As one of China's popular tourist provinces, Hunan has a unique geographical environment and rich tourism resources, as well as colorful landscapes and sufficient product portfolio. With the improvement of people's living conditions, the ways people choose to travel are also diversified. People are no longer satisfied with the conventional road tourism, at this time, low-altitude tourism is driven by policies and needs, began to develop rapidly, all over the country began to promote the development of low-altitude tourism, and the aviation industry is booming, China's low-altitude tourism in recent years began to prevail. However, under the prevalence of low-altitude tourism, it is still necessary to proceed from the actual situation, according to the geographical environment and cultural needs of their own province to develop, otherwise it will face huge risks. In the face of the current development trend of low-altitude tourism, Hunan Province began to comply with the requirements of The Times, rapidly develop low-altitude tourism, constantly optimize the corresponding service environment, explore the construction of pilot bases, and thus enrich the types of tourism products. Based on the current changes in Hunan's tourism transportation mode and local tourism resources, this paper discusses and analyzes the status quo and trend of low-altitude tourism in Hunan through literature method, questionnaire analysis and swot analysis, and then puts forward targeted marketing development strategies.


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14 September 2023




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